Snanam|Gilli Mitti| |Body Wash

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Packed With Care By Sangita Who Dreams Of A College Education For Her Children.

Gillimitti is a sublime and nostalgic scent of freshly rained earth that removes fatigue and renews vigour

  • Active Ingredients Infused With Natural Healing Properties ,GilliMitti Is Sourced Specifically From The Rainforests In Assam. Abundant In Nutrients And Mineral Extracts Of Calcium , Magnesium, Bromide And Sulphate, this Mud Absorbs Excess Oils From Your Skin . GilliMittiIs Antibacterial In Nature And Also Softens The Skin.


Nano Silver Benefit :-

Healing With Silver Is An Ancient Ayurvedic Practice That Has Re-emerged In Today’s Beauty Treatments. Silver Nanoparticles Are A Pristine And Delicate Replacement To Harsh Chemicals And Can Destroy Pathogens Without Harming The Skin. This Gentle Shield Will Guard You 24×7 With Its Antimicrobial Nature.

Camphor Benefit :-Camphor Is An Age-old Healant That Is Favoured In Skincare For Its Antibacterial And Antifungal Effects. It Is Also Known For Its Ability To Increase Collagen And Elastin Production And Works As A Soothing Agent With A Divine Aroma.


  Just Pour , Lather & Rinse.


Authentic Ayurveda


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Snanam|Gilli Mitti| |Body Wash

Snanam|Gilli Mitti| |Body Wash