Snanam|Oudh Chandan| Body Wash

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Packed With Good Vibes By Kavita Mate Who Is An Inspiration For Women Who Support Big Families With Humble Means.

Oudh Chandan, a rich and long-lasting fragrance with a sweet, woody essence that is subliminal and induces a relaxed aura for the day.

Active Ingredients

This product is made with chandan or the precious Indian sandalwood sourced from the heartwood near Mysore. It has intrinsic therapeutic properties that are antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial in nature making it a superior ingredient for skin purification and nourishment. Its anti-inflammatory outcome makes it a natural soothing agent for the skin.


Nano Silver Benefit :-

Healing With Silver Is An Ancient Ayurvedic Practice That Has Re-emerged In Today’s Beauty Treatments. Silver Nanoparticles Are A Pristine And Delicate Replacement To Harsh Chemicals And Can Destroy Pathogens Without Harming The Skin. This Gentle Shield Will Guard You 24×7 With Its Antimicrobial Nature.

Camphor Benefit:-

Camphor Is An Age-old Healant That Is Favoured In Skincare For Its Antibacterial And Antifungal Effects. It Is Also Known For Its Ability To Increase Collagen And Elastin Production And Works As A Soothing Agent With A Divine Aroma.


Just Pour , Lather & Rinse


Authentic Ayurveda


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Snanam|Oudh Chandan| Body Wash

Snanam|Oudh Chandan| Body Wash