Stick on Wing Eyeliners | Classic Black

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Mintree Stick-On Wing Liner, a brand new way of getting the perfect Winged Eyeliner every time.

These reusable stick-on eyeliners come in cool shapes and colours and can be used up to 4 times with any eyelash glue. One shape fits all!
No hassle, no smudging, no harmful chemicals and no deep pigments.
Quick meetings or bomb parties, be sure of having a hassle-free eyeliner on point!


Just Peel Off, Stick On and Go Glam!
Tape caliper, Double Coated Polyethylene , Tape Carrier, Transparent Polyethylene Film, Adhesive Acrylate, Polyester Glitter


Apply on clean & dry skin. Peel the adhesive liner & apple near the eyelashes. Press gently, specially on the corner of your eyes. to remove gently remove the adhesive from the inner side of the eyelid.


Beauty For A Better World


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Stick on Wing Eyeliners  | Classic Black

Stick on Wing Eyeliners | Classic Black